World’s Most Expensive USB With Diamonds

We have Discussed the Most Expensive Smart Phones , Now we have Information about World’s Most Expensive USB With Diamonds.

World's Most Expensive USB With Diamonds 1

Shawish products are diamond and precious stones. 

Shawish, Swiss jewelery company has introduced a USB super models fitted with diamonds and gemstones significant amount. This product is shaped like a mushroom and drilling results named the Magic Mushroom. The Shawish was manipulated by diamond and precious stones to the top of the mushroom caps this USB.

World's Most Expensive USB With Diamonds 2

 Price of each USB flash drive at least 344 million. 

Number of diamonds mounted on this product weighs a total of 9.18 carat (equivalent to 1.83 g) was ruby and sapphire is 11.34 carats per second (or 2.26 g). Price of a USB Magic Mushroom is $ 36,900 (equivalent to 768 million) with the version of gold, diamonds and sapphires.Meanwhile, Magic Mushroom edition gold, diamonds and rubies is $ 24,400 (equivalent to 508 million) and associated gold pink sapphire and diamond is $ 16,500.


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