Waterproof Case Keeps Your iPhone Dry Below 20 Feet of Water

waterprof iphone caseWish you’ll take footage and videos along with your iPhone whereas submerged below twenty feet of water? a brand new waterproof swimsuit for the iPhone 4 and 4S keeps the phone fully dry — whether or not you’re snapping shots of marine life within the ocean or texting throughout an off-the-cuff swim within the pool.

iPhone case manufacturer Concord Keystone has created the Keystone ECO MarineCase, that protects against water exposure. The device additionally works well in any scenario where water could be gift, like snorkeling, fishing, boating and rafting.

The clear protecting silicon cowl supports the total iPhone screen and decision functionality, therefore you’ll watch videos, answer email, send texts and use apps while not ever leaving the water. It additionally protects against sand at the beach.

The case — that comes in black and white, along side a neck strap — isn’t for everyday use. It’s designed for in-water use, therefore you’d switch your cases before jumping into water: “You don’t swim in your everyday garments. Your iPhone shouldn’t either,” the location says.

Check out the video below of a turtle swimming underwater, that was taken with an iPhone sporting the MarineCase. The mobile swimsuits are currently accessible for $39.99 on Amazon.

Via: Mashable


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