Vodafone also Eliminates the “Free Phone”

Vodafone also eliminates the free phone

It was expected and confirmed. Vodafone joins Telefonica, which was announced at the MWC 2012, and the presentation of its new strategy, has confirmed that Grant is leaving the terminal model for new customers who consider a bottomless pit from the proliferation and popularization of smartphones.

The change of strategy entails a improvement in current rates . As Telefonica, now it comes to having happy customers that already own and have improved such pricing plans and added the SMS unlimited. They have also announced that customers who receive other terminals and attractive price conditions that may be sold to pay its current terminal part of the new, if they even interest-free financing .

Now to be seen what direction they take both Orange and Telstra, but mainly the former. There are two ways: Either join the other two big or stay as the only one offering terminals in order to attract customers from other companies.


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