VIZIO Co-Star : Google TV Box with OnLive Cloud Gaming

VIZIO Co-Star : Google TV Box with OnLive Cloud Gaming 1

We thought Google TV died last summer. Apparently no one got the memo as a result of the second wave of Google TV boxes are launching this summer. Continuing its arrange to dominate the house, Vizio simply unveiled its own reasonable Google TV set-top box that appears to pack quite the wallop.

Maybe you have a wise TV. perhaps you do not. the actual fact remains: fifty three p.c of good TVs are not even connected to the web. that is a tragedy. however nevertheless, perhaps it isn’t, considering how most good TV interfaces are clunky and slow.

Google TV was speculated to fix that. however it did not as a result of the set-top boxes were means too expensive (Logitech’s $300 Revue anyone?) and therefore the OS took forever to induce an honest library of apps.

The Vizio “Co-Star Stream Player” aims to present your HDTV (Smart or not) a lift while not breaking your wallet. For $100, you will get a horny very little box that has access to thousands of apps, full Google Chrome with Flash and a range of streaming content services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, YouTube, iHeartRadio, etc.

There’s additionally OnLive cloud gaming (if you are into that), therefore the Co-Star is over simply a box to play Angry Birds on. you’ll need to provide your own controller, though.

Each Co-Star box additionally incorporates a USB port, 1080p HD video over HDMI, 802.11n Wi-Fi. A Bluetooth remote with a QWERTY is additionally included within the box.

Compared to Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 (I thought we tend to were done with these insipid model numbers) Google TV box that launches this July for $200, the Co-Star could be a steal.

Vizio says pre-orders for the Co-Star can begin in July. If you have been holding out on an answer to present your HDTV some brains, the Co-Star appearance to be the proper match.

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