Tweet Your Emergency: London Fire Brigade Plans to Accept Callouts over Twitter

Tweet Your Emergency: London Fire Brigade Plans to Accept Callouts over Twitter 1

In the terribly close to future, the London fire Brigade may really wish you to tweet a few fireplace before feat the building, when it declared that it’s trying to line up the world’s initial 999 emergency Twitter feed.

The Reasons Behind “Tweet Emergency” to Fire Brigade

The announcement comes when the Brigade revealed its latest ‘London Safety set up,’ that assesses however its service are going to be delivered over the approaching years. With the Brigade already mistreatment Twitter to broadcast news of emergencies it’s attending, it might shortly be detached to permit users to report fires and different incidents mistreatment their own Twitter accounts.

The London fire Brigade says it’ll explore however apps, social media and microblogging sites like Twitter may be employed by the united kingdom public to report incidents. As a part of its set up, it intends to figure with the govt and London’s Metropolitan Police and machine Service to spot however such a service may be operated.

With over a billion folks currently mistreatment Facebook and 1/2 billion mistreatment Twitter, it’s quite clear that social media is here to remain,” Rita dextral, Deputy Commissioner of London fireplace Brigade, said. “The London fireplace Brigade is that the biggest fireplace service within the country we tend to suppose it’s vital to seem into ways in which to boost however we communicate with the general public and the way they’ll get in grips with North American nation.

Reporting incidents mistreatment short electronic messaging services seems to be a thought that a lot of emergency services everywhere the globe area unit trying to supply. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared that the four major North American nation mobile operators – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile – have all in agreement to roll out text-to-911 technology in 2013, creating it obtainable to all or any by might fifteen, 2014.

Social Media can Offer Solutions for Fire Brigade

With BT handling over thirty million emergency calls a year, the London fireplace Brigade believes it’s “time to seem at new ways in which for folks to report emergencies quickly and expeditiously and social media might offer the solution within the future.”

Be sure to stay line 999

because twitter will report concerned area unit of Fire Brigade In the terribly close to future.


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