What If , When the TV Will Watch You

TV Will Watch You

The last half-century, people used to watch television. Now we have to get used to the idea that a television review or watch the people. Trying to promote the remote viewing experience, televisions become smarter and more viewers arvestavamateks. One possible method is by way of improved service to be attentive to your partner.

I think many people today can say without shame that the TV is receiving the greatest attention from the partner, which will now focus on its own trying to respond to a TV, watching carefully who is sitting in front of him and what does. Where, however, believe the people of Europe’s largest TV, British statistics, the picture of the furniture in front of the time spent in the last five years increased by about 7%. MSNBC Technology page was discussed on the friendly attention of the shadow of the machine can not hide yourself from the risk contemplates sending Kristjan Port portal .

For example, some of the screen telekamargil located close to the camera with a constant eye on the microphones, which the producers did not particularly want to talk about. Not that they would have nothing to hide, but rather is a novel situation, and some indifference and responsibility and to avoid any difficulties. Instead, pay attention to what the benefits of new technology offers. Both the television viewer detects the face and possibly associate this name. Nutiteleka viewer gets himself in various games and Web services to automatically log on.

Specially molded ads shown to him and so on. Automation options are certainly others, but to fantasize a little. But let’s leave behind a service to the creators. However, the very creators of the various services to be attentive. For whom the claim creates resentment on-camera and microphone, as they are, after all, can be turned off via the remote control, then this method is, unfortunately, just as long as the software and a camera or microphone cable is not a physical switch, a software solution that can be interrupted and seamlessly switch.

Furthermore, because the TV has a limited processing capability, analysis of information coming from somewhere on the camera manufacturer pilveraalis TV. This means that the cameras and microphones collected the data flow is sent to your home each time after Ula. Today, it is not known what this stream is transmitted. Do we have a unique identifier identifying the television, in room occupants facial image identifier, an internet connection parameters, etc.?

Even the best intentions motivate the producers of the product, how do they guarantee the integrity of the services provided by third parties, or hackers, security? Who is this in silence. And this silence does not hide the fault-tolerant systems of protection, but rather a lack of experience, as it is, objectively, with new and untried phenomenon. Certainly not here to forget how much of the so-called. secure solutions are now open muugitud.Who are suffering under the surveillance mania, will now recognize this gift.

Indeed, said the United States engaged in counter- CIA director David Petraeus, the recent meeting with investors, technology, satisfaction that they are constantly connected through smart devices need to walk less and less people committing a bedbugs from home during her absence. Instead of dealing with new equipment for communication protocols, they shred.

If we now compare the design of a device or an application programmer’s motivation to protect the communications of any foreign family jõuorganisatsiooni willingness to hack it open, it should begin at home continue to delve into the desire to sit in front of a TV in festive costumes and back straight as appropriate in a public place.

Get used to the idea that you review the TV. And it speaks to others.


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