How to Tune Your Notebook with SSD Storage

How to Tune Your Notebook with SSD Storage 1

For more than four years, solid-state disks ( SSD drives) on the market.Despite the still relatively high price per gigabyte than conventional magnetic hard drives to enjoy the increasingly popular flash memory. The reason: they offer compared to traditional hard disks have a higher speed, noise, shock resistant and require less power, what the battery life of laptops increased.

Meanwhile, PCs and laptops are already supplied, equipped with an SSD. But owners of older computers can benefit from this new technology using their existing hard drive replace with an SSD. An SSD in a desktop PC is a useful addition, if, for example, the operating system are installed, and large applications on it. The bulk of the data remains in the HDD. What a perfect cost-performance ratio is guaranteed.

Particularly advantageous may be an SSD upgrade for notebooks. Benefit from an exchange of mobile, especially owners of older computers because they can delay the new purchase for one or two more years.

SSD – if the choice is all yours

Before you opt for an SSD of a provider, you should check the following:

  • How big (GB) is the current hard drive and how much data including the operating system stored on it?
  • Consider whether all files have to be taken – if so, can you clone the old, for example, hard disk with a software tool. Clone software is offered as Acronis, Symantec, or Clonezilla Archsoft and heard, if you purchase such as a bundle ugrade from a major vendor, usually for delivery.
  • You can also set up the system from scratch and it will “clean up”. Finally, not all private photos, videos and audio files are kept on the laptop. They can also be outsourced to other media such as USB sticks or external hard drive.

These issues have been resolved can the right capacity to be selected. Here one should not show off but mess. As a useful lower limit can be considered 100GB.

One last question to be answered yet: what operating system is on the laptop installed? Should maybe put it on Windows 7 will be migrated? Do you want Windows XP or VISTA maintained (this is recommended only conditionally), then there should be a SSD with improved garbage collection.Garbage collection refers to a function implemented in the SSD controller, which runs in the background and summarizes some blocks described in full blocks in order to ensure optimal performance.

Migrate immediately after Windows 7 , you are out fine, because the Microsoft operating system is optimized for SSDs, detects hardware, and has features to ensure smooth operations, such as the TRIM command. The operating system notifies the SSD which data fields are no longer needed and can be viewed so as deleted.

Also in Windows 7 have Windows Experience Index. It measures the speed of the SSD and optimizes the operating system for the respective SSD. This small, powerful program will typically run on a regular basis automatically, but the upgrade will also be started manually by clicking on the refresh of the Windows Experience Index.

Now, all preliminary completed – from the manual or the internet , you have taken, which interface must have the SSD to its predecessor (magnetic disk) to be compatible. In general, it is a SATA interface. Now you can make your purchase and begin to disassemble your laptop.


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