Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week!

iPhone Apps

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week are:-

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week! 11:- Pro Launch Center: It is a great new tool for our iPhone. With Launch Center we will not only be able to launch applications, but a variety of actions such as sending direct messages to friends, browse through tweetbot twitter or the “call mom” ??that comes installed by default. Also we will add our own shortcuts.For all those people who hate to have a lot of desks in the terminal, have this launcher in the dock will be a big improvement. Price $ 2.99 | €      2.39 .

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week! 22:- Newsify : incredible RSS reader for the iPhone. It has a very nice interface, presenting the various news and articles in a newspaper. We need a Google Reader account to use it. It has very interesting features like offline reading, view in landscape mode as well as integration with Instapaper or Readability.A very comprehensive tool and more affordable than other options such as Reeder. Price $ 0.99 | € 0.79 .

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week! 33: Booster! : a complete and easy photo editor. with Booster, we will retouch your photographs comfortably to great results. Includes a selection of useful tools. The one caught my attention is the possibility of establishing our own curve, varying the different parameters according to the result we want to obtain. It also has different options like the ability to add filters or control of exposure and saturation. Price $ 0.99 | € 0.79 .

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week! 44:- The cur : start the game with one section that I found really interesting. Billed as an interactive comedy, we are faced with an innovative and entertaining game that has beautiful graphics and very elaborate care. The style is reminiscent of the classic adventure games with that nice touch so characteristic. We will be overcoming the different scenes before us, with the help of characters and items available. One small problem is its short duration, we hope that will gradually adding scenes to keep enjoying it. Price $ 2.99 | € 2.39 .

Top 5 Best iPhone Apps Of this Week! 55:- Bridge Builder: and finally a game to think. The operation is very simple, we have to build bridges in the different places we suggest. To do this we must take into account the resistances, materials, and the budget you have.Cuesta to take her first point, but the truth that when you start building you can not leave. It has a free version to try. Price $ 1.99 | € 1.59 .


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