Top 10 Ideas of Creative PR

On the road to success, every company needs the car “public communication” (Public relations – PR) is the most efficient and fastest speed. Many companies would like to touch on these successes, but they do not know what PR vehicle for their effectiveness. However, you can refer 10 creative ideas below to get a PR as the desired results, help you promote your company’s reputation, and to promote growth in business activity.

Top 10 Ideas of Creative PR 1

1. Create events, anniversaries 

In 1991, while teaching of communication skills in business, Jacqueline Whitmore, founder and director of protocol and diplomatic School Palm Beach in Florida, students frequently ask about etiquette related to mobile phones. “I have found the need to clarify this issue,” Whimore recalled, “so I decided to create a special event that helps them learn more.” She has registered a new holiday schedule of events organized Chase (a schedule is the business community and American media use, including holidays and traditional holidays new set). In July 2002, January mobile social national (National Cell Phone Courtesy Month) was officially organized, and Jacqueline has a reputation among the general public as well as local national, and she has many new customers. If desired, you can also do the Jacqueline: sign up for a new holiday at

2. Write a book 

The prospect always admired author of the book, even when their books are not as large print volume. In fact, when writing a book, you indicate to customers that you are a knowledgeable and reliable. In addition, you can sell your book or product to use it as an attachment – it works great for spreading the name and your reputation. Not to mention the author will usually be interviewed preferred source of radio and television.

3. Winning a business award 

If you think an award winning business is extremely difficult, then surely you will not be eligible to participate in the race. Many business awards sponsored by the media, so this will be a good opportunity to introduce the winners name and write stories about them. You see, it’s a great PR opportunity. Once awarded, you can publish with existing customers and potential on the site or on other marketing materials as a way to assert your position in the market.

4. Participate in the popular television program 

recently, Wes Moss, a financial consultant who also participated in the popular television program in Britain called The Apprentice (apprentice), who wrote the book Starting from Scratch (Start from scratch) is quite a hit. Indeed, if Wes is not “real work for real” on a television program The Apprentice, then perhaps his book is not so widely known. Now, with a book was published, his reputation becomes enhanced.

5. To organize seminars, free advice 

Jacqueline Bonfiglio-Naja, a licensed esthetician and is president of Jacqueline’s Advanced Skin Therapy in North Dartmouth, regularly organizes seminars for free topical skin care in many different locations for years. “Through these workshops, people know me more. Since then, I have to add new customers and also for my community more, “said Jacqueline.

 6.Setting up a system of electronic newsletters (electronic newsletter)

North Carolina Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales specialist, has over 100 thousand people in the client list newsletter e-mailed his weekly. This is a very effective PR tool, make sure his name is always present in the minds of current customers and potential. In addition, he also can promote their services in these messages and as a result we have directly earned him more than half a million dollars in sales each year.

7. Take advantage of customers to other companies 

cooperation in business activities and link with regional sales companies is always a wise solution. Each company can have many benefits from customers of other companies, as customers of the company that you can link to know more about your company. For example, cake boutique We Take the Cake at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, opened a small stall in the exhibition area florist company’s local Field of Flowers, where customers buy flowers will be marketed cakes and vice versa. The product of your physical presence will increase significantly your chances of getting on a lot of customers purchase your product / service you.

8. Participate in local trade organization 

A few years ago, Barb Friedman, a professional organization, owner of Organize IT, undertook chairman Association of national professional organizations. At that time, the program The Dr. Phil Show is talking of the “worst housewife in America” with the main character is a woman whose lifestyle is very disorganized. As president of the Association of Professional Organizers National Barb have enough reason and contact conditions for participating in this program. Since then business results with her reputation has grown considerably. 

9. Create a troublesome debate ‘s been 4 years since the Land of Odds, a pearl processing companies in Nashville, Tennessee, held the annual debate about the worst pearl necklace. The controversy is unprecedented for the company has brought fame to the public from year to year. Thus, creating a debate with the trouble making a decision that will help your business so special in the market, while attracting the attention of the public to the products / services your service. 

10. Doing social work  

Think of social work as an investment, that’ll showcase your talents and your name to potential customers. When advertising agency Colle + McVoy, Minnesota, perform social work and donations to fund environment at St. Paul, Minnesota, the company has received a more positive response from the community aspect. Even ad led to collaboration with the Office of Environmental Assistance Minnesota. Who says this is not effective? 10 PR creative ideas that we introduced above can be very useful and suitable for any type of business. The application of one or a few ideas will help you increase your reputation with yourself and that’s the level of business success that you deserve. 


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