Three Little Tricks In IOS Sure You Don’t Know

Three Little Tricks In IOS Sure You Don't KnowThink you know all the tricks of IOS ? Personally, and without questioning your knowledge, do not think.And is that the system always hides a few tricks that takes time to discover even if you are a regular user of the platform and each update adds a few more.

Here are three relatively useful, but few people know about the latest version of IOS for iPhone, iPod touch and iPhone.

  • New way to block the system. Have you seen the new access to the camera built into IOS 5.1?It’s really useful and even better than the previous version, but now we have a different option to lock our system. In the same way that the screen slide “up” to unlock the computer and access the camera, then the screen can slide “down” to block the device without using the physical button.
  • Quickly clears the items marked as completed in task lists. Does it bother you mark items as made and that these tarden a good time to disappear from the application reminders? The quick way to remove them is by moving the screen from left to right to delete all items made.
  • Print more information about the songs. The last trick, and the simpler but no less useful is the ability to display more information (artist, album name …) of a song if we keep our finger on it.The song will not play and will show a small menu with extended information of the selection.


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