The Teenage Talent in Technology

Grade 8, Robert Nayo Utah (USA) wrote more than 4,000 lines of code for Bubble Ball game and attracts 2 million downloads in just 2 weeks in early 2011. He also owns his own company called Games Now.

Sahil Lavingia, Indian Americans. In 15 years, Lavingia was financially independent and bank accounts are more than $ 100,000.

At 17, he is one of the first members of social networks Pinterest image.

Since 2009, when 9 years old and in grade 4, Singapore Wennguoi boy Lim Ding has completed 20 programming projects, including drawing application file works on iPhone Doodle Kids.

Zamary Connor (USA) last 8 years has been a professional programmer. In 2011, Games Toaster Pop was his favorite game, whether fee 1 USD.

In late 2011, when the grade 6, Thomas Suarez would have had the opportunity to stage events in the U.S. to share TEDx experience writing software for smartphones. 

Her fourth grader nicknamed CyFi in California (USA) to be respected by hackers when he announced the flaw has not been detected in many games running on two mobile platforms today is the most popular iOS and Android . 


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