Tails From Australia to New York for New iPad 3 (Pictures)

Tails From Australia to New York for  New iPad 3 (Pictures)

In Manhattan, the first started up even before dawn. 

They took their blankets, their caps and waited patiently when will come the big time! When that will open their stores to get their hands on the new tablet from Apple. It was the same in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney! Literally doom … And of course the Apple rubs her hands. Why? But for the collections!

Here are the good places! I have, you say!

Popopo what happens … We even hours

Until you reach the cashier, will appear and the iPhone 5

Singapore, traffic and … sidewalks

Ah got it!

Sydney: camping outside the Apple store

Tokyo: The first winner!

Again … Apotheosis

And the samurai wants the iPad

No comments

People go where your eye

New York: Desire to have to … counting!


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