Stranger Multi-Touch Floor Will Become the New Security System

Multi-Touch Floor

Future smart home requires a special method to sense who is its owner, as well as what they are doing, that such a smart home is to rely on to induction, is very simple, can be achieved through multi-touch floor safety system. ?

According to foreign media reports, IBM has just received a security system patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Number No. 8,138,882, According to reports, this security system can be floor to become a multi-touch surface, identifying not the owner of the house standing on the floor. 

Said that this multi-touch floor safety system can sense a number of different height, weight, body and feet, and to identify standing on the floor of the adults, children or pets. In addition, the floor also has a registration status of the database used to match the detected body shape and weight, once this floor detected no stranger stood above authorized, it will issue a warning, or telephone alarm. More interesting or useful, if people slipped on the ground, the floor will detect the pulse, when necessary, will call 911.

Unfortunately, this patent owned by, but IBM is still on the patent application plans remain silent. IBM spokesman Christopher Andrews said:

This new patented invention is not the product or part of the solution, we can not determine whether the patent will be implemented to take effect.


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