BatBot: In Spain, Built a Robotic Bat

BatBot: In Spain, Built a Robotic Bat 1

The new project, scientists from Spain and the U.S. plan to build a flying robot BaTboT, which is characterized by a non-standard design of the wings. From the “smart” materials, they will collect a copy of the wing of a bat that will change shape in flight and high maneuverability will provide a robot in the air.

The authors of the project were researchers Madrid Technical University and their U.S. counterparts Barunovskogo University. The joint team is going to translate into a mechanical design that was created by nature. It is not so simple. As written in his report to the scientists, the real bat very flexible bones and joints, which are controlled individually. But the tension of the membrane is stretched between the bones is changed by means of thin muscles.

To implement these features using artificial materials must have a wing of the easiest to control skeleton. The thickness of the tissue membrane BaTboT the robot is only 0.1 mm, and the shape memory effect mimics the function of the muscles pulling the wing. To do this, use the special “smart” connection.

At this stage, scientists want to develop the architecture for the flight, the wings, made of materials with memory in the form. You will need a lot of models and to conduct many experiments on the aerodynamics, will be installed before some of the practical laws.However, as a result of these wings can significantly increase the efficiency and maneuverability of unmanned aerial vehicles. The machine is controlled by radio-frequency receiver and a microcontroller Arduino.


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