Social Media has Killed the Boredom

Social Media

We have created a second world beyond our own ego, the digital world of bits and bytesBut we are no longer interested. It works. The internet normalized man, we call it fluid , according to a genius doing everything possible to “not to communicate”. We have a second I go to the mankind, which is filled by our online work with digital life. We fill the “machine” internet with our data. We learn to operate the machine without the algorithms to be understood. Thus, we also trade on the Internet, particularly in social media. The machine is our habitat. We have extended ourselves to the Internet. The shell of the man who follows him everywhere. Insidiously, and without that we are aware, our machines have done the work, but also brought the work of volunteers. Crowdsourcing – the distribution of tasks to the grid has become a matter of course for the fluid users.

As always in life, we must distinguish between the self-image and external image. The self-image is an image of what we see in us and around us, everything we have created us to be the person who we are. The network categorizes us, and we help him (eg or Google + ). In every form of communication we argue from this self-image, we can not help it. In direct communication “face to face,” we recognize the reactions to what we say what we are and can respond when we are misunderstood. In the digital world, we have no control over what is perceived by us. Only people can make long calls human. The more we write about ourselves, the more varied are the interpretations that we offer on our other person. The volunteers of us, however fragmented and uncontrolled data sharing may create a false picture. The reflection of the people is fluid. This hardly created stories. From the self-determination in the real world, the outside control by the digital world. And we are totally in love with the ability to use Apps glass.

We can not be more master of our communication, because everything we send out into the digital world via Twitter, blogs, etc, in its fullness is no longer manageableWe can explain to clarify anything, or even reverse, when we left the tweet once in the digital world beyond. We have to live with a lot of answers on the show that is meant to go and what is understood widely.Some gross inaccuracies in the description can be corrected, but it lacks the time, all to “tell” as clearly and specifically that the self-image can be perceived as a foreign image. There is no communication within the meaning of Wikipedia: Communication is Latin communicare and means “to share, inform, can participate, and together make, unite”, my emphasis) to Twitter now run over 200 million messages a day. That’s over 100 million parallel communication lines that represent the majority of which a “one-way communication,” no “unifying element”, as called for in the definition of “communication”. This as an example of “do together”. There are also 200 million “Copyright compatible” releases sent per day. We’re all creators.

Social Media has killed the boredomBecause we have created a parallel universe in which we must have a presence beyond our own selves in order to assert ourselves in the digital stream.We have the ambition, the self-image in the external perception, to merge in the perception of others, every tweet as our personality mosaic tesserae set. The word “boredom” is increasingly banished from the vocabulary of the fluid users, because even after all this particular phase of daily life is replaced by a frenzy of activity in the presentation of ourselves. We are part of a machinery that is designed to complement, transparency, efficiency and pursuit of success. Of us so far is only for the defined availability of machinery 24/7 Code expects that people can apply for natural reasons not because man needs rest and recovery periods for both physical and psychological survival. But this peace, we do not treat us. Also, the thinking man is no longer free.Every spare moment and every thought leads to the cell phone. It will be reviewed, communicated and cooperated. We are more like the machines, machine knows no boredom.

Here, boredom be the impetus for creativity, as we follow in these times not even the foreign rule by the digital world, but once the permit from the boredom of emerging thoughts that would otherwise have no chance of being noticed, because in the hectic activity going on. Certainly boredom is self-determination, because in this moment I can focus on myself and my own needs.

I used to for a few moments and once in the rain looking out the window, just like that, without thinking or doing. Perhaps a way back to self-determination?

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