Smartphones Have Learned to Follow the Other Smartphones on Wi-Fi

Research: Students Studying in Smartphones More Often

Thanks to Navizon the opportunity to spy on any person who owns the phone with the module Wi-Fi. Navizon has created a special software for smartphones, which allows to determine the current location of the observed object and track its movement, and is completely transparent.

The new software is called Navizon ITS (Indoor Triangulation System) and is a whole technology is essentially a sort of Wi-Fi-triangulation. The application is installed on your mobile device and uses a built-in Wi-Fi. The development has proved its efficiency by successfully passing a few tests and full-scale test in real conditions.

However, the Navizon ITS has one drawback – the program as the resource Intomobile, can only monitor those smartphones that have at any given time the module is active Wi-Fi.Otherwise, you can forget about seeing – the mobile device just does not “zapelenguetsya.”However, now many people leave Wi-Fi enabled by forgetfulness or laziness. Technology Navizon ITS, according to developers, is fundamentally different from the satellite tracking algorithms not only work but also the functionality – for example, it allows you to keep track of people in a large building, where the satellites are simply powerless.

A new program from the Navizon scans a certain area around the smartphone to determine if the device to track and transmit “spy”, the name and type of device. No other information, the application does not receive, because developers do not want to appear in court because of massive claims for breach of human rights to privacy. However, according to some experts, the freedom of movement is also included in this concept.

Navizon ITS (Indoor Triangulation System) can monitor a variety of mobile devices – tablets, smart phones, laptops, conventional cell phones, cameras, even if only they had included a module Wi-Fi. The application does not matter what operating system runs the object of observation – it may be products of Apple, RIM, or one of the Android-devices.

The developers themselves say that their new technique will prove useful as a way to quickly locate employees in buildings with multiple floors, such as hospitals, shopping centers or business centers with multiple offices. While, on the other hand, for this purpose, in principle, lacks the usual call.


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