SloPro iPhone, Get Spectacular Slow-Motion Videos on Your iPhone 4/4S

soloproSure you have it lighter than water, the chamber of a Smartphone is what is either the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or that you consider has a better camera, only serve to pull through or use occasionally. And although they may meet the needs of many people, they are still a sensor embedded in a device less than a centimeter thick. But especially SmartPhone cameras are more interesting by allowing these devices to use them with different applications. This is the case SloPro , an iPhone application that tries to add functionality to get spectacular slow-motion videos on your iPhone 4/4S  .

What makes this application is very simple, we can record video at 60 frames per second , so when we compress the 60 frames in 24 got a slow motion effect. This functionality can be activated at any time either by clicking on the iPhone screen itself enabled button for that purpose or by pressing the “-” the phone volume. Not only can activate the “slow motion” when we’re recording video, but we can also edit the video later to add or eliminate this effect at the time we want.

The application is free in its basic mode , we can access all the features of the application with the only peculiarity that we record the videos will get a reminder that you made ??the video application. For a 1.59 euros will access the full version , which will remove the reminder and allow us to share the videos in full without cuts with iTunes. If you like videos with your iPhone please try this application and turn it into this program if the results satisfy you.

In the App Store | SloPro App


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