“Singit” Application to Enjoy the Lyrics of Your Music in IOS

"Singit" Application to Enjoy the Lyrics of Your Music in IOSYou never know the background of song, until you know exactly what it says every word of his letter.With that premise part Singit! a curious application for IOS that will allow us to instantly get the lyrics of almost any song you’re playing from the iPhone ( only from the music player IOS ).

Focused on this functionality, the application offers more features like local save the lyrics of a song the first time sought, score your favorite lyrics, great database of songs, unlimited history … The application also has a great interface graph from which we can read the letters, choose the songs to play, browse the history or even share the letter with Facebook, Twitter …

It shows the interest of the developer to create more than a simple reading application letters music, incorporating even an option to translate the letter you want.Very complete if you like to know what your artists sing or just want to have on hand your favorite lyrics at an interesting price of 0.79 €.

Via: Singit!


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