Sharp Begins to Produce Full HD Screens for Smartphones

Sharp Begins to Produce Full HD Screens for Smartphones 1

Sharp starts late October the large scale production of high-definition displays for smartphones.The Japanese have displays that boast in the oven, specifically, five inches in diagonal and Full HD resolution ( 1920 × 1080 pixels).

Doing the calculations, that gives a pixel density of 443 dots per inch, a figure that only the panel is at AH- IPS developed by LG, which also exhibits five inches but with a density of 440 pixels.

Commercially, the figure Sharp panel is far superior to the iPhone 5, with 1136 × 640 pixels and 336 pixels per inch. If we quote the iPhone 5 is because Sharp is responsible for making the screen of the iPhone 5 and is said to be cooking these panels just for future versions of the Apple phone.

The new panel incorporates CG Silicon which essentially eliminates maintaining high sensitivity layers touch and reducing consumption. The display will be shown at the exhibition CEATEC Japan starting today.


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