Secret Netflix codes to discover new content

Having trouble discovering new movies and series on Netflix? Then we have an interesting help for you. Using so-called Netflix codes, you can easily discover new content using numbers that you would otherwise miss.

Secret Netflix codes to discover new content 1

We probably all know this situation: we sit in front of the television with a friend, a friend or our partner. The chosen goal: a joint movie or series evening at Netflix.

The Netflix algorithm and Netflix search as hurdles

The problem is often that we spend a lot of time discovering the right title. First of all, we usually start by sifting through the streaming service’s suggestions.

These come from the Netflix algorithm and are based on our personal viewing habits. While this is not a bad thing, it does not always have to be the ideal solution for an evening together in front of the television.

So the search continues. But there is also a problem here. So Netflix only searches its own database for the word or title entered. However, if this term is not exactly stored in the content, it does not appear. This creates frustration.

Realize your full potential with secret Netflix codes

Fortunately, there is a third option for all Netflix fans that is still unknown to many users. These are the so-called Netflix codes. These are combinations of numbers that the streaming service itself has assigned to certain genres.

By entering these codes in the browser at the end of the URL “” you will discover all the relevant content.

The 13 codes for the main Netflix genres

For example, there is a separate number combination for each main category on Netflix. We would like to present these to you in the following:

  • 1365 (action and adventure)
  • 7424 (anime)
  • 783 (children and family)
  • 31574 (classic)
  • 6548 (comedies)
  • 6839 (documentation)
  • 5763 (drama)
  • 8711 (horror)
  • 1701 (music)
  • 8883 (romance)
  • 1492 (science fiction and fantasy)
  • 4370 (sport)
  • 8933 (thriller)
  • 83 (TV programs)

Over 27,000 Secret Netflix codes in one place

A glance at the number combinations shows that there are countless codes for films and series. If you are interested in Disney classics, for example, you have to enter the “67673” and the football films bring out the “12549”. probably has the largest collection of secret Netflix codes . This page lists over 27,000 combinations of numbers – from films with Anthony Hopkins to “absurd college humor”.

And of course you can also just try guessing a two to five digit number combination. Who knows what interesting content you will discover on Netflix. One thing is certain: you probably don’t know her yet.


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