Schmidt: Microsoft Can not Innovate

Microsoft Decide to Make Cheap Computers for Students

In the long interview  interview with AllThingsD, Eric Schmidt , former CEO and current executive chairman of Google, use harsh words against Microsoft, portraying it as a sort of ex monopolist is not able to innovate and whose target market is more or less collapsing .

Here are some of the statements of the manager of Google dedicated to Microsoft. The interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

Mossberg : Two years ago, in another interview [in June 2011, ed ] she proposed the idea of the “Gang of Four”, the four most influential technology companies. Wants to expand this definition and update it?

Schmidt : It happened something unusual. All four companies are at the same time of the networks or platforms and generate huge economies of scale. We has never happened before: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. All different, all competitors, all engaged in massive investments.

Swisher : What did he leave Microsoft.

Schmidt : On purpose


Mossberg : Why Microsoft has kept him out of the “Gang of Four”?

Schmidt : This company is very well run, but has not been able to introduce in the fields we are talking about, products that are state of the art.


Mossberg : In a few weeks we will see something historic. Microsoft will release surface, their first computer. That will mount an operating system produced by Microsoft. It’s a huge change in strategy because until now they have always released their licenses to other operating systems. What does this mean?

Schmidt : “If the product works, it means a lot.”

Mossberg : Let’s say that the product works. Because Microsoft has gone down this road?

Schmidt : “My answer remains the same.” Microsoft has created a structural monopoly with Windows. “It has generated a tremendous value and a number of antitrust cases, he has lost.” So, we are sure that this is the right model to solve the problems of consumers? I would say that our direction is towards a new model, as with Android. “We’re going to see an explosion of integrated hardware and software.”

The transcript of the interview is available on AllThingsD , the full video on Livestream .

Source: AllThingsD


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