Researchers Create Waterproof, Antibacterial and Magnetic Paper

Magnetic PaperResearchers at the University of Technology in Italy have created a way to give extra paper properties such as magnetism, protection from water, fluorescence and the ability to self-clean and fights bacteria.By the way, of course, behaves like a normal regular paper and can be printed without any problem.

They achieve this by combining unilateral liquefied cellulose molecules of wood or other plant material with nanoparticles. These cover all unilateral fibers and create a polymer solution can be aplied to any material, such as paper rolls, dipping or spray.

The property that will become the paper depends on the nanoparticles to be used. If added, for example iron oxide paper will become magnetic and so forth. The Dr. Roberto Cingolani, leader of the research team, told Forbes that the chances of recovery are enormous. For example, the status of antivaktiridiaki paper will be very useful in health and food while the waterproof paper can be used to protect important information.

Via: TheVerge 


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