The Rear Car Windows of the Future (Video)

The rear windows of the Future -Main

Here we have a great partnership with an excellent result. The section on research and development at General Motors in collaboration with the students of the Future Lab Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, has designed a new way of entertainment for the passengers sitting behind a conventional car. The GM launched the project Windows of Opportunity (WOO), which is influenced by research psychologists point out that the rear passengers feel cut off from the world outside the car. This explains the futuristic side windows looking at the project, as far as interactive displays were limited to the windshield. This interactive environment now go in the back.The rear windows of the future -1

These windows will be able to match vehicle speed and the route provides interactive enhancements to exterior landscape. These additions will have either entertaining or educational role.

The students created an entire Bezazel working prototype in a window, creating a surface sensitive to gestures. Students took advantage of visual and motion sensors from EyeClick.

The rear windows of the future -2The rear windows of the future -3


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