Put Hand in TV and Change the Image (Video)

Put Hand in TV and Change the Image (Video)

A student from California, Jayne Vidheecharoen from Art Center College of Design, has developed a prototype technology that revolutionizes TV. If the user enters their hands behind the prototype, they appear on the screen and change the image.

In the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Mike Teevee is converted into millions of pixels, miniaturized and maximized. Vidheecharoen says that has to realize this, but claims to have an ace up his sleeve – his prototypes are connected to the Internet, which means that space can be broken computer with other people.

What made it great, but the components and materials are cheap and not necessarily high tech. Student is very keen to enhance prototype and realizes the commercial potential of his invention.

I can speculate a lot about the uses of these prototypes, the construction of parallel worlds puppet shows,” she said.

Vidheecharoen attracted funds or kickstarter project, a site that presents creative projects and to give the members to donate money for development.



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