Photo of 1983 Shows Ancestor of the iPhone

Photo of 1983 Shows Ancestor of the iPhone-1

First touchscreen Apple not technically appeared in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone, but the company had planned it seems an original landline phone with touch screen by 1980. This is a very interesting concept that probably led to the birth and development of the iPhone. The date of conception of all-white device is placed in the year 1983. Did stylus to interact with the display and we might infer from the photo probably was designed for the handling of simple accounting tasks such as paying bills by phone, possibly using a modem. The original phone did not manage to come out in production, while supposedly designed by Harmtut Esslinger.

Photo of 1983 Shows Ancestor of the iPhone-2

The German-American origin Esslinger is the man behind the Apple IIc, the first attempt by the company for a laptop. The design of this phone’s touch 1983 moves in the style that characterized the company at the time.The Hartmut Esslinger later proceeded to establishing his own company’s Frogdesign.


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