Payment Solution: Allows Card Payment now Via Webcam

Payment solution -

The start up expanded its payment solution for use in the browser. Previously, the card payment using the technology only possible on a mobile application. Web developers can now use the technique of also to implement with recourse of a webcam directly in the browser corresponding payment solutions.

Numbers in the browser technology offering Web developers now have the opportunity now to implement a payment solution, which allows payment by credit card via the webcam on a computer. In the implementation of JavaScript is used , is scanning for the credit card used to flash back. Until now, the technology of only be used as mobile phone applications.

The App technology comes in, among other things Here PayPal is used, which has recently been recently added to the beta-phase. With the expansion of technology in the browser itself is in direct competition with Jumio on. The latter company also offers payment solutions with mobile phone and browser.


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