OS X Lion in a Browser with CSS 3

OS X Lion in a Browser with CSS 3

The lion was locked up in a browser: the latest edition of OS X Lion , the operating system from Apple that is dedicated to the Mac world, it has been emulated in a web app built using the latest technologies in development-oriented network, such as style sheets CSS 3. The result is a page that faithfully reproduces the style of the OS to Cupertino, but accessible via any browser.

The project is the brainchild of Alessio Atzeni , web designer originally from Rome that he wanted to give yet another demonstration of the ones that have the potential of the tools currently under development and intended to represent the web of tomorrow. Connecting to ‘ special page where lies the Lion version of browser so you can start a simulation of the boot of the OS, enter the login credentials and have access to a desktop with drag-able windows, buttons and menus fully functional.

The combination of HTML5 and CSS3 Atzeni therefore made to give birth to a page rather slim, without heavy images or Flash content that can represent a barrier to usability. Once you become operational standards in all respects, these technologies can therefore significantly change the scenario of the future Web: the boundary between the browser and OS could go more and more weakened and Chrome OS it is the first demonstration.

 Source: Beautiful Pixels


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