OnLive Desktop Plus : Enjoy High Speed Windows 7, IE9 and Flash on Your iPad

High Speed Windows 7, IE9 and Flash on Your iPad Using OnLive Desktop Plus

As promised, in OnLive continue to evolve. Virtualization continues to be basically the basis of the business and thus maintain a product development I was surprised, but now, with new developments leaves me thinking that possibly are over the limits for any device. Because once we say that OnLive Desktop is an application which can Windows 7 and part of Office to your iPhone through a virtual copy of the Microsoft operating system, because today announced a new package to take full benefits of the suite of Office but with additions such as Internet Explorer 9 , compatibility with Adobe Flash Player and a connection speed of one gigabit per second .

All of the above comes with the payment of OnLive Desktop Plus that monthly cost us only $ 5 to take advantage of the main benefits of Windows 7 on an iPad. The results, as I read on first impressions of bloggers who have been testing the service are amazing. The fact that OnLive keep that connection magnitudad to virtualize the Windows desktop leaves me with open mouth, and to be better understood, when we are using the plus version of OnLive Desktop can upload or download a file at the same speed , tests show that the connection can download a 35MB PDF file in seconds. Even the flow of a Youtube video in 4K resolution is not limited to this, so we have something really interesting and even eliminating the limitations of the standard Apple allowed on the iPhone connection and also offers the possibility to see without any problem, Adobe Flash based content.

Coming soon to Android, PC, Mac, TVs and monitors (the latter via a set top box)

Enjoy High Speed Windows 7, IE9 and Flash on Your iPad


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