Nokia vs Apple in the Standard of Nanosim

Nokia vs Apple in the Standard of Nanosim

When it comes to mobile technology design then every millimeter counts. Other characteristics is what giants are basing to make their design such that it is chosen to be standardized. Nokia offers a design solution, apparently also Motorola, RIM and Apple offers another.All based on what each company believes that if in future Nanosim coming from one or another way. 

However, to be elected a proposal, the ETSI ( European Telecommunication Standards Institute ) would be responsible for deciding then analyze each “bid” for the next few days in France.

Nokia’s proposal is based on “significant technical advances” on the design of Apple by claiming that their method is more practical and safe because it does not need mediators to engage even though the design submitted by Apple . Meanwhile, the Cupertino are being worth the current design would be used (and patented) from iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G models requiring a tray and other media as adjuncts to access the SIM, soon to be even more smaller. Speaking to The Verge :

Require a tray or SIM support could reduce the design options and increase the manufacturing cost

But discontent by Nokia, which is supported by a pair anything small like Motorola and RIM, is mostly about what might lead to the design of Apple is the most votes in a few days. If Apple’s design elected, these would have the control of some patents that could be used at any time and also change the design that manufacturers are preparing for their future products and Nokia launch new Nanosim equipment designs that no longer would use the current method. 

However, to calm a point (which I assume is the most concerned), Apple would have sent a statement to the ETSI which reveals the commitment not to use patents as long as their proposal is chosen.


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