Nokia 808 PureView : A Technical Review of The “Super Star”

Nokia 808 PureView - A Technical Review of The Super Star

You remember the video Nokia released last week in which we were invited to wait for a phone with a video camera and photos with quality and technology out of the ordinary , for it is here and is called Nokia 808 PureView .

Before diving into the section that gives meaning to the phone practically, we bring you the answer to one of the questions we’ve been doing since we knew of its existence: the operating system is Nokia Belle , ie Symbian .

Symbian style specifications

In the other specifications of Nokia PureView 808 , we find no surprises, nothing that will outshine the multiple cores circulating in the Android landscape. Nokia clearly has put the rest in the chamber of the device.

We have a single core processor at 1.3GHz , a screen of 4 inches Symbian style, or whatever it is, technology CBD and resolution nHD (640 x 360 pixels), have 512MB of RAM , and 16GB of internal memory ( expandable via MicroSD).

The best, before delving into other aspects or opinions, is that we know the Pure Nokia 808 on video:

Particularly in the operating system is where we see that the phone could have been a better product because we value the improvements in Nokia Belle , but also believe that both user experience and in ecosystem is far from the main platforms in smartphones.

We like the idea that technology will continue to develop, and that Nokia is open to take it to other platforms with which it works, and the truth is that with Windows Phone , the set would win enough.

PureView Nokia 808, a sensor with 41 megapixels

Nokia wants to break the barrier between cameras and mobile with this phone, taking a step further than the Nokia N8, so had no problem make a generously sized terminal, provided that they wanted to include the module. The full dimensions of the apparatus are 60.2 × 13.9 × 123.9 mm, with 169 grams of weight.

As we did not expect otherwise, the lens is signed by Carl Zeiss (24 mm f2.4), and the mysterious sensor is 41 megapixels , which drops to 34 if we want snapshots in widescreen (16:9).

Obviously not save snapshots of many megapixel would be crazy, so the phone does an important job of oversampling (converts multiple pixels in a) generating a final image of 5 megapixels , and that’s where the secret of technology PureView Pro , allowing to play with the zoom without losing quality in the final result.

Nokia has decided to use this alternative instead of an optical zoom, as they are not the work of having mechanical and larger (the choice is not particularly thin). Some value the addition of a Xenon flash , and flash LED for video, as in the Nokia N8. With respect to N8, sensor size is 2.5 times greater (1/1.2 “).

Nokia 808 PureView -lense

The digital zoom with a commitment to quality is not lost on images 3X, 4X and up to 1080p video. If we talk about 720p format, we could zoom up to six increases that would have no losses, and if we will nHD resolution, up to 12 times.

In short, we have a huge image digitally in which we need to choose the portion of the sensor, you will understand better the system with the following video:

Nokia 808 PureView, availability

The phone will hit Europe between April and June, with a price, before taxes, of 450 euros . Nokia does not neglect the variety of colors in this unique phone, available in three colors: red, black and white .

For those who have wanted to see the first samples taken directly from a 808 PureView Nokia ,Nokia has released a set on flickr .

They recorded the first videos with the Nokia, they have a month old and can be made with old software, but we used to see how well it performs in low light:


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