MetroCam: A Concept to Greatly Improve Windows Phone Camera


Windows Phone , though still not close or Android or IOS in relation to the number of applications available for the operating system is growing significantly and increasingly presents more improvements. Gradually, more designers are starting to take account of the windows mobile scene and one of them was Yanko Andreev , who showed a concept that completely changes the design of the chamber of the WP .

This is MetroCam that completely changes the camera that replaces the camera with some features much more powerful and also more intuitive too. This explains the designer:

MetroCam is a powerful replacement to the regular Windows Phone camera with advanced user interface that is configurable icons and options that make it more interesting and better pictures. 
This advanced interface to access frequently used features of the camera that can be clicking with the right hand or left. The circles can be hidden with a simple slide. There are other functions and effects.

It is clear that today the mobile phone camera is one of the features that the user pays more attention . If we doubt this will only be taken into account the millions of users who have Instagram, and that is only available, at least for now, for iPhone users. So as Andreev designer pays attention to the camera would have to give Microsoft an indication of what might be done to improve it, or also to launch applications developers to do so. I’m sure will appear in a matter of time.


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