Meet ‘Mr.Allen Paltrow’ – A Huge Fan of Apple

Meet 'Mr. Allen Paltrow' - A Biggest Fan of Apple

Latest Update:  Allen Paltrow , Your Steve Jobs Has Died. 

Allen Paltrow, (a Student) was twelve when he met Steve Jobs. Paltrow may be a huge fan of Apple and had taken to shaving the company’s emblem into the rear of his head to celebrate each OS launch. His enthusiasm earned him an opportunity to fulfill Jobs himself and a story to last a lifetime.

He Write on  his blog:

My neighbor Brooke mentioned that Steve Jobs, busy as he is, always reads email sent to his public address. I think I was around 12, and I sent a very enthusiastic and grammatically incorrect message including a picture of my shaved head.

Apparently he forwarded it to the head of Public Relations, Katie, and I got invited to the opening of the 5th Avenue Cube. I can never thank them enough. This was probably the high point of my childhood.

Meet 'Mr.Allen Paltrow' - A  Huge Fan of Apple 1

The story may be a nice very little browse and there are heaps of cool footage from the gap of the fifth Ave. store, you’ll be able to see all  at Paltrow’s blog here.

Meet 'Mr.Allen Paltrow' - A  Huge Fan of Apple 2



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