LaserSaber: For Original Star Wars Swordsmanship (Video)

saberlightThe dream of every fanatical fan of Star Wars made by Wicked Lasers with the release of LaserSaber in honor of this year’s Star Wars Day May 4. To LaserSaber consists of a polycarbonate rod 81 cm long with an aluminum handle that “snaps” directly to a series of green and blue lasers. Support system and a magnetic gravity to smoothly switched on and off without, however, effects from Star Wars.

O CEO of Wicked Lasers, Steve Liu, explains that the laser energy entering the first LaserSaber diffused the inner tube and then distributed evenly along the rod. Inside the tube is a metal ball held by a hidden magnet on top of the rod and its motion gives this effect.

The LaserSaber you to the official website of the company here at a price of $ 100. The Wicked Lasers warns that LaserSaber not a toy and should avoid swordsmen. I resist?


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