iOS 6.1 is Now Available – All Innovations Introduced by Apple


Apple has released the fifth and final beta as latest update of iOS 6.1. It took less than 5 versions of testing before the official release and about two months of work. In this article we want to collect all the innovations introduced by the update.

Although there are few visible changes, iOS 6.1 is of fundamental importance for the iPhone 5 because it enables the smartphone to connect to networks of new generation LTE and use the high speed internet services. The update has the same build of the beta 5 released yesterday (10B143)Please note that you can update by connecting your device to iTunes and then click “Check for Update on” , or by going to Settings -> General -> Update. Software in the Wi-Fi network.

Hence all the news and changes that you will find on your devices after updating to iOS 6.1:

1) LTE : The first – and only if we turn – significant new feature is the possibility to activate the LTE network, much faster than the 3G, if our operator allows it to.

Currently Tim, Vodafone and 3 Italy are extending the LTE service to the whole peninsula, but it is already possible, thanks to an update operator that is required by iTunes, set the device to new networks. In the iPhone settings (Settings -> General -> Mobile phone), you can then enable the new technology. For more information HERE .

2) Lockscreen: When we are on the lock screen and press the home button twice, or when we’re listening to a song and block the phone with the button, we will see the new media palyer controls just below the current time.

The buttons play, rewind and forward have taken on a new design as well as the volume slider present the appearance of the redesigned Music application in iOS 6.0. The time will be displayed at the battle of state and the info on the current track will be moved up.

3) Maps In order to improve the maps of Apple are invited to report problems using the appropriate button “Report a Problem” that appears in the Maps application. Once you have collected the reports, Apple will resolve the problems, so over time we will certainly have better maps.

4) Passbook: The application that contains all of the tickets and credit cards virtual updates its welcome message and allows you to immediately install all the applications and services that are compatible.

5) Voice Control: The Voice Control is the predecessor of Siri in iOS, as well as a viable alternative in the event that we were not interested in voice assistant, but only limited to execute voice commands, how to start a call or a piece of music. Is now introduced the ability to use Voice Control calls only, so as to avoid starting a song when we want to make a call.

6) Data for Mobile iTunes within the settings we can adjust the data traffic of some applications, affect whether or not these services using the cellular connection. With iOS 6.1 is added to the “iTunes”, which by default is disabled.So we have to activate it by entering the settings if you want to download songs or video through iTunes with the 3G connection.

7) New API: version 6.1 offers an advanced iOS Map Kit framework that will allow third-party applications to perform searches on the maps using the points of interest. Let’s get ready then updating many applications that henceforth will fully exploit the potential of maps from Apple.

8) iTunes Match: users of iTunes Match, the service that allows you to have available all the songs in your library even if not physically stored on your device, can now download individual tracks from iCloud.

8) For Tracking: With iOS 6 introduced the ID of advertising, that is an identifier that applications will use to show such targeted advertisements based on where we are. Of course you can limit ad tracking at any time. The iOS 6.1 update introduces a new button in the Settings (Settings -> General -> Info -> Development) that allows you to reset the ID of advertising.

9) Siri: the voice assistant is updated – so far only in the United States – with the opportunity to purchase movie tickets through Fandango service.

10) Safari:  With the update of yesterday has been fixed a security bug that plagued earlier versions of Mobile Safari in iOS. In practice this it enabled JavaScript without the user’s consent in the presence of the “Smart App Banner.” This is an advertising space within a few sites that allows you to advertise an app with link to the App Store.


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