iOS 6 Comes in the Fall with 200 Improvements

iOS 6 Comes in the Fall with 200 Improvements 1

Apple to launch its developer conference WWDC, as expected, presented iOS 6. The new version of Apple’s operating system will include an improved version of Siri, the integration of Facebook and Apple’s own maps app with 3D display, which replaces Google Maps.

Around 200 new features to iOS 6 have , including an improved version of Apple’s voice control Siri. The system can announce the new version of the latest sports results, and view other information related to sports. In addition, the system can suggest restaurants that are nearby and reserve a table there.Apple is working with OpenTable. In addition, the Rotten Tomatoes movie database has been integrated so that Siri suggest movies that run in a movie theater nearby. Data on the films shown at Siri.

With Siri can iOS 6 also start apps and tweets dictate.

The voice control also allows the use of the iPhone in the car. Apple is working with various manufacturers such as BMW, GM, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota and Hyundai, an “Eyes Free” translate function called: a button near the steering wheel, which itself can also start Siri without taking their hands off the wheel. The first cars will come with Free Eyes over the next twelve months on the market.

Siri also sees several new languages.

Facebook integration

Apple built Facebook in iOS, similar as before Twitter. So it is with iOS six possible to share links and photos with friends without having to open the Facebook app need. The login is done over the phone settings, notifications, the notification center of IOS. An API allows you to use the Facebook integration into any apps.

Even with the App Store has been linked to Facebook so that users can now recommend apps to their friends on Facebook.

Telephony-App improves

The Telephony Application has been expanded to include two new ways: Can not answer a call just, you can directly send a message, or set up with a few clicks, a memory – a time-controlled or position-dependent.

Do Not Disturb and FaceTime over cellular networks

Also new is the “Do Not Disturb”. In this mode, the phone receives all messages, but it makes no noise and the display is not activated. In addition, to specify which people can call in this mode.

FaceTime supports iOS 6 also over mobile networks. Previously, the video telephony service only via Wi-Fi can be used. Telephone and Apple ID are combined so that FaceTime calls will be accepted on the phone to the Mac.

The function icloud tabs that will be introduced with Safari for Mountain Lion, is also under iOS 6 available. Bookmarks and browser history are here compared across multiple devices. In addition to support for offline reading list to read selected articles for later reading offline too, and banners with the smart phone is one site only, direct users to install an app invite. Apple has also added to the browser to full screen view in widescreen mode.

With Photo Stream, images can be shared directly with friends. In addition, it is now possible to insert photos while writing an email, so far, this had to be made from the photo app.

The mail app gets a VIP function. The system informs the user when e-mails received from previously marked individuals. New messages can be retrieved as in some apps, now in Mail via “pull to refresh”.


With passbook, there is a new app for collecting tickets and board. Apple offers developers templates ready for it. Geolocation by looking just needed the passbook tickets out automatically. And live updates of tickets are available.This is useful when the departure gate changes.

The devices should also be better to use for people with disabilities.

Maps in 3D

The key new features in iOS 6 counts the new maps app: Apple says goodbye to it from Google Maps, and relies on its own card service that provides a 3D representation, as well as Google has announced. Apple calls this feature flyover and renders the 3D images in real time on the device.

Apple integrates data from Yelp and has developed its own system with traffic information, to display the information on accidents in real time. The app also offers a navigation function (turn-by-turn) and informs the user if he can save because of the traffic through the use of another path time.

Apple has bought tickets to 2009, the software developer company Place Base, 2010, the 3D-card company Poly9 and 2011, the Swedish provider of 3D city maps C3 .

The new Lost Mode allows you to send a phone number to an IOS device that can call a page.

Beta released today

A beta version of IOS to 6 developers can download today, the finished version will be released in fall 2012. IOS 6 is on the iPhone 3G and new iPhone models, the iPad, the second and third generation to run the iPod touch from the fourth generation.

Apple’s App Store now has 400 million users and contains 650 000 Apps accounts, 225,000 of them for the iPad. The number of app downloads, Apple with over 30 billion and it has paid out more than five billion U.S. dollars to developers.

Apple has sold up to March 365 000 000 IOS devices, more than five percent of them running with IOS fifth 81 percent of all IOS apps to use Apple’s Notification Center, Apple has spread throughout the more than 1.5 billion push messages. Introduced with iOS 5 iMessage has 140 million users who have exchanged over 150 billion messages.


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