Impressive Architecture of the 11 International Airports

Male in the Maldives airport to Osaka in Japan being the architect “instead of new clothes”, all are beautifully designed, while providing local cultural identity.

Impressive Architecture of the 11 International Airports 2


The airport’s unique is that it is surrounded by Indian Ocean and has a nice view from the Maldives Islands. Male airport located on Hulhule Island, an atoll of 26 islands closest to the capital, Male. 

 Barajas Airport, Spain 


Madrid Barajas Airport is located in Spain, designed by two architects Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela in 2006. This is a very large international airport, can meet the transport of about 50 million passengers per year.



 Samui Airport, Thailand

This is a private airport on Samui Island in Thailand but is operated by Thai Airways since 2008.If you have the opportunity to fly to Samui Island, the land here, you will definitely thought I lost in a luxury resorts, beautiful as a painting.



The designers tried to bring the characteristics, nature of this island to the airport as the greeting for visitors to arrive. The landscape around the airport has been adjusted so that harmony with nature.



3, Changi Airport, Singapore


This is one of three class 5-star airport in the world (second left is Incheon Airport of South Korea and Hong Kong airport). Besides numerous duty free shops and restaurants, there are 6 Changi Airport open garden. Customers can come to visit this garden. Each garden has a different group of plants such as cacti, bamboo, sunflower, ferns, and orchids.


 Denver Airport, USA

Denver International Airport (DIA) opened in 1996. Since then, it is regularly voted the best airport in North America by Business Traveler magazine. It is seen that the airport provides a safe and enjoyable experience for passengers.

 Airport Carrasco, Urug uay

Carrasco International Airport known in Uruguay, is a private airport owned and operated company Puerta del Sur. This is one of Uruguay’s two airports with international flights year round, is designed to promote the growth of trade and tourism in surrounding areas.


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