ICD-TX50: Voice Recording in 6.4 mm

ICD-TX50 - Voice Recording in 6.4 mm

6.4 mm thick. and weighs just 50 grams., the ICD-TX50 is the most delicate voice recorder from Sony. Designed to impress with its shiny appearance and clear display OLED, whether you’re in a meeting room or on the road. The built-in clip secures the device keys when you put in your pocket.

Now it is easy to write the next great idea with your high-quality built-in stereo microphone. You can record interviews, voice memos and more to Linear PCM or MP3 with a quality CD. The five functions Scene Select – including the ‘Shirt Pocket’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Interview’ – provide sound clarity when your words be heard. The 4GB of memory offers large storage space built for recording meetings, meetings or brainstorming long.

You can further increase the recording time by placing the optional card microSD. If you want to gather your thoughts quickly, you can, with 3 minutes quick charge port via USB, you can record energy for one hour. At full charge, the integrated Lithium ION battery lasts up to 24 hours of continuous recording / playback (files for MP3). The voice recorder ICD-TX50 can be used as a handy portable music player, to enjoy wherever you are, your favorite music.

Load your favorite tunes and enjoy them with a stereo headset included in the package or the built-in loudspeaker. The voice recorder is equipped with software Sound Organiser (only for PC) that simplifies the transport, treatment and management of records. It is also fully compatible with the latest speech recognition software Dragon Naturally Speaking Technology Transfer of records without any fuss.


  • Slim, digital voice recorder
  • Stylish clip with integrated security keys and crisp OLED screen
  • Quick charge 3 minutes recording time, thus giving 1 hours
  • Audio Recording Linear PCM or MP3 CD-quality and wide range of playback formats
  • 4GB embedded memory and microSD card slot for extra storage


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