IBM Gives Us Clues About the Innovations in the Next 10 Years

IBM Gives Us Clues About the Innovations in the Next 10 Years 1

IBM advances what we are expected to implement the business and government in the next decade.The professionals at IBM Research highlights four areas in which progress will be made: in the processing and mass data analysis , cognitive systems (that emulate the operation of the brain),cyber-security and social networking in the enterprise.

Research at IBM is crossing natural boundaries laboratory R & D + i to extend beyond questioning the status quo and seeking to resolve complex issues that surround us

This is what we said Juan Antonio Zufiria , president of IBM in Spain and several other countries, which together with other great offices of the company discussed how to apply these innovations in areas such as the economy, social and obviously the business .

Processing tools and analysis

An estimated 90% of all existing information on today has generated the last two years and 80% of that is unstructured and porcede videos, images, emails and content of the various social networks, and are characterized for variety, speed of creation, and data volume for veracity.

The big problem is that we currently have to process all the information of the media teams need to process this information almost instantly, which would help us to know to understand what types of data are generated and they can be used to extract the knowledge that behind all this information.

The new cognitive systems

The human brain is the most efficient and sophisticated computer that exists, as it consumes less energy than a 25 watt bulb and takes less than a two-liter bottle, also taking into 
account that it is capable of receiving information from the five senses girders and generate complex ideas, make decisions and take action.

At present the architectures of computers are built on a fairly old model ( 40 years ago ), and these architectures are not prepared to perform truly complex, but this is one of the main objectives of bothIBM and many other companies , who strive to create systems that can emulate a human brain, which is able to learn, use what you learn and make complex decisions based on what you know or can guess.

“We are entering a new era of computing, in which things will only systems have been limited to the human sphere, such as learning and make assumptions. These new systems will help doctors make better diagnoses, launch products in less time and more personalized, improve the safety of persons or minimize financial risks “


As we can see the cybercrime has been a large increase thanks to social networks, the multitude of services that exist in the cloud and innovative mobile devices. An increased number of web with malicious code attacks also increases the amount to access databases and in the case of smartphones have increased scams where legitimate applications and made ??sure they were really malware.

To protect the new entity attacks (which are increasingly more complex) is being investigated in the intelligent security, which comprehensively analyzes and automatic information from all sources to access a service and thus can establish patterns of threat and power warn you.

Social networks in business

It is expected that in 2016 the market opportunity for social enterprise applications grow around 60%, so marketing managers, directors of HR and technology are analyzing how to improve the presence in these media.

Also would exploit social resources as wikis, blogs, diaries and other staff to communicate the same company, so they can help share knowledge about other employees and know different points of view.

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