Google will Shut Down It’s Mac Blog!


Google announced that it will shut down its Mac blog as a result of support for Apple devices has become therefore mainstream.

More than 5 years ago, we have a tendency to created this blog to inform you concerning our software for Macs. Since then, Apple’s merchandise became a lot of standard than ever, and we’ve kept up by giving sturdy support for OS X and iOS, together with the speedy and standard Google Chrome for OS X, the wonderful Google Earth, and a full bunch of fantastic iOS apps.

Our Mac and iOS support has currently become therefore mainstream that we have a tendency to realized we have a tendency to simply do not have to be compelled to keep Mac news on its own blog, therefore we can’t be posting here any more. For updates, we have a tendency to encourage you to go to our blogs for individual merchandise, just like the Chrome Blog and therefore the Lat Long Blog.



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