Google Hiring Apple Employees Participating in the “Secret Project”

Google hiring Apple employees participating in the secret project

Simon Prakash.

Google has hired Simon Prakash – senior director of product quality management of “Apples cons” involved in the project on the company’s secrets.

Although Apple, Google is the enemy “is not common air team” together but recently, the first time in history, Google has thueSimon Prakash-employee of “Apples cons” involved in the project on the company’s secrets . Prakashla senior managing director of product quality (product integrity) at the iPhone manufacturer. This information is trangVenturebeatdang download.

This can be regarded as a rarity by the past, Google has never hired a director with such high positions from competitors. Department of “renting” is more interesting when Google, Apple (with a range of other technology companies) are the travi Bibo U.S. Justice signed the agreement to employ no employees other.

Prakash Simon has worked at Apple for 8 years and most recent position he was senior director of product quality management, including iPhone, Macs … After switching to Google, Prakash will participate in a secret project in the company founders Sergey Brin charge. At Google, Brin is also known for a series of mysterious project that according to statistics which can be up to 100 so far, the only project that we are known as self-drive car company.

With the recently acquired Motorola Mobility, people in question are Google chief of the Apple operating lease for the project to produce the company’s phone.


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