Next Generation of iPhone,iPad,and MacBook Pro [New Rumors]

Next Generation of iPhone,iPad,and MacBook Pro [New Rumors]The new season of rumors about new Apple products began. The iLounge site has published a series of information about alleged plans for future releases of the Cupertino company for the year 2012, reporting that the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro will be fully refurbished.

The new iPad 3 will be released for the month of March 2012, and according to the source, its thickness is 0.7 mm thicker than the iPad 2 (8.8 mm). The reason would be the incorporation of a ‘dual light bar “in its high-resolution screen. Even thicker, the new version of Apple tablet would still be much finer than the first iPad, with 13.4 mm thick.

Regarding the iPhone, the source of the iLounge claims that the design of the supposed iPhone 5 does not look anything like the images that circulated on the Internet before the release of iPhone 4S. The new version of Apple’s smartphone has a 4 inch screen, and is 8 mm larger than the current model.Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5 during the U.S. summer 2012 (between June and August). If confirmed, the interval will be shorter release since the launch of the first version of iPhone in 2007.

Finally, on the MacBook Pro: the source reports that Apple might even launch a new model of the laptop even thinner than previous releases.In the plans of the company is launching an ultra-thin Mac notebook with 15 inch screen, set to hit the market in March 2012. If true, its production has already started, with small volumes of components being sent to the company’s plants.

The information is the “most reliable source” close to Apple and iLounge has that, but there is nothing concrete or official in the details. This does not mean, however, that all these features are not present in the new models, since usually these “reliable sources” are employees of companies that provide components for Apple, which end up having contact with some details of products under development .

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