Free Download Of Firefox 8 Beta With Alot Of New Features

Free Download Of Firefox 8 Beta With Alot Of New FeaturesWhether you are using Windows, Linux or Mac , Firefox will probably be found somewhere in your computer. Some days ago Mozilla released Firefox 7, the cluster is creating the beta version of Firefox 8, its upcoming product. Firefox 8 will available to the general public today.

The release of Firefox 4 ever, Mozilla began issuing additional frequent updates to its browser, however none of them have contained any important feature enhancements. Firefox 8, whereas still just like its closest predecessors, finally brings some new options to the table, which, albeit not revolutionary, create the experience of using the browser rather more appealing .. perhaps even to those who have long switch to browsers like Opera or Chrome.

The main enhancements in this release are associated with the management of tabs, that currently more helpful than ever, as users currently multi task more than before. For the advantage of heavy Multitaskers, it’s currently possible for open tabs to only be loaded when they’re selected. For users who usually save their sessions, the browser can continue displaying all previously open tabs, however it’ll only load them once they’re in use. This transformation, that can greatly improve startup times, can be toggled By Firefox’s window of Options:

Free Download Of Firefox 8 Beta With Alot Of New Features 2

Now Firefox 8 has Twitter search designed into its search feature by default, creating it easier to search for tweets within the social network. If you’re a passionate Twitter user, you’ll probably enjoy this transformation, however it probably won’t be a decisive feature if you are thinking to switch from Firefox. Nonetheless, Twitter is turning into increasingly popular, therefore it is good to visualize Twitter more deeply integrated.

In addition to new feature, Firefox 8 includes the same old technology and engine upgrades, like support for addition HTML5 technologies. Also there are said to be across the board performance enhancements.

Dowload of FireFox 8 Beta:

  1. For Windows
  2. For Mac OS X
  3. For Linux

Check out some other changes below:

  • Added a “one time add-on choice dialogue” to manage previously put in add-ons
  •  Add-ons put in by third party programs are currently disabled by default
  • Improved “performance and memory” handling when using  and  parts
  • Added CORS support for “cross domain textures in WebGL”
  • Added support for “HTML5 context menus”
  • Added support for insert “Adjacent HTML”
  • Improved “CSS Hyphen” support for several languages
  • Improved “WebSocket” support

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