Firefox 6 “Password Management” is an Excellent Additional Feature

Firefox 6 'Password Management' is an Excellent Additional FeatureFinally Firefox 6 provides new features password management. With the help of Firefox password manager 6.0, you can set the settings for individual web pages.

Firefox 6 Password Management-1

Currently there are no graphics options available in the Firefox browser for password management 6. To start you need to manually type in about: permissions on firefox browser.

Setting rights for a Website

In this window, we can manage passwords, location sharing, cookies, pop-up and archiving the web pages at a time. Previously, all security settings applied to all sitesand there is no option for special security settings on the individual web page. But nowyou can do it using a password manager.
For example, you do not want to save the web page of the Google password and other settings. To apply these settings only need to select the site from the list on the left andchoose the right side of the window. When working with a single web page, you can also click on Forget About This Site button (top right) to remove all Firefox has storedfor that site.

Firefox 6 Password Management-2

Type of authority you can manage the password manager:-

Store passwords: Allow or block Firefox stored passwords for websites. If youmanage to set the password, you can do this after clicking on Manage Passwordbutton on the right.
Share Location: Set Firefox to always ask permission, automatically allow or block it to share your current location.
Set Cookies: Using this option allows sites to set cookies, set up only for the current session or to stop them is established. You can remove cookies by clicking theRemove All Cookies or manage individual cookies by clicking Manage Cookies …
Open Pop-up windows: block or allow sites to open pop-up window.
Maintain Offline Storage: Setting up the site to always ask permission, automatically allow or block from the information stored on your computer to use when you areoffline.
6 If you do not have Firefox, you can download this version of Mozilla at home or on themenu Help> About Firefox to update.


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