Facebook and Twitter Can Affect Your Credit Rating

Banks and other financial institutions intend to use the social network Facebook for more information about customers who want to get a loan on these or other needs.

Facebook can affect the credit rating of participants

Personal Page on Facebook human experts can tell a lot and have a material effect on its credit rating. Based on an analysis of the data, the bank may decide to pay the loan or refuse to lend. The principle of operation of this scheme is not yet ready to fully, but some aspects have been announced. Employees of the bank will look first and foremost on the list of clients and friends to look for them among the worst defaulters. The presence of such, by itself, will not contribute to the success in obtaining the amount. The reverse situation – when your friends list on the client is very wealthy people – also takes place, and there could be chances of getting a loan noticeably increased.

According to some reports, only one network Facebook are not limited to banks. In order to analyze them suitable even Twitter, so popular in the west. Here, as in the case of the social network, estimated list of friends, but also the client to microblog.

Such an innovation on the one hand, it is advantageous, because people are not able to pay on the loan will receive it less often. The other side, writes portal PCWorld, is not so attractive – social networks contain too much data that does not come in handy when you make an application for a loan. Such information includes race, religion and marital status. In other words, you will see another structure, the owner of personal information about each person.

But the interesting thing: the banks will be interested not only friends of the client and the client itself, but also those who “put Laika” by his records, photographs or videos. In fact, it can be quite a stranger, and if it is insolvent or would be in some kind of “black lists”, the credit you may not approve. However, the legislation of any country in the world does not force a bank to provide your personal information from social networks. But the bank would be legally right, if not give you a loan based on your same refusal.


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