EPUB Reader Turns Firefox Into an eBook Reader

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EPUB Reader Turns Firefox Into an eBook Reader 1
that gives us access to a number of titles for free. 
As does the amount of information we have at our disposal, media access have multiplied in line and today in addition to the e-book readers can use personal computers, tablets and 
smartphones to read books in digital format. Our browser, thanks to the odd extension , you can become an eBook reader with which we can also organize your library and in the case of Firefox, the extension EPUBReader can be a good option to consider.

EPUBReader is a Firefox extension that turns the Mozilla browser in an e-book readerand a kind of “virtual shelf” on which to organize our collection of books in EPUB format.Once we install this extension, the next time we go to download an eBook in this format rather than the browser will ask where we want to save the download directly run this add and store the book in the collection.

Another interesting detail is that this extension from the browser can open books in electronic format from Firefox ePUB and read quietly. To do only have to drag and drop the file on the browser window and see how to open a tab attached to this extension with the book where we will access the index, increase or decrease the font size or add bookmarks from the book to pages you want.

EPUB Reader Turns Firefox Into an eBook Reader 2

In addition, this extension we to ber a shortcut to book distribution projects such as Project Gutenberg, Archive.org Feedbooks.com and where we can find a good number of titles to complete our collection for free.

The truth is that in the absence of a book reader or a tablet, this Firefox extension can be an interesting way to read books from your computer without having to be permanently connected to the Internet (unless you go to download new books) since which to read books stored locally we will not need connectivity.


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