Dragon Flight, Free IOS Game Of Spaceship (Trailer)


I have always defended the games they get to pass a fun time but they only spend ten minutes it takes to get the bus, to prepare my family for dinner or just when I need to disconnect.

A game that meets these requirements is Dragon Flight, a vertical ship games IOS . Dragon Flight dynamics is very simple and still controls, we’ll just move left or right and kill the enemies up to set before us.

We are going to control a girl riding her dragon must eliminate as many dragons in your way. This will change weapons. Of course, it is important to collect as much coins and precious stones that will release our enemies because they allow us to gain new levels and weapons and potions.

The game’s graphics are cared for and are pleasant. The atmosphere and music also get good note and perhaps the only downside we can find is the game’s simplicity itself. But as I said, not a game that will remain etched in our minds but sure if we offer hours of fun .

It is also free. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone and ready to retinal display . What more to ask? As soon as the developer promises updates with enhancements in future releases.

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