How To Download All Videos You Have Uploaded On YouTube

YoutubeThe video service of Google , is the ideal place to share all kinds of interesting material that we recorded with our cameras, but sometimes we like to have a backup computer.

YouTube, we can download all the videos you’ve uploaded to our account. This is a simple, free and very useful. It is done by:-

Downloading videos from YouTube:-

Sign in to YouTube with your account and login. Then you go to the Video Manager. You’ll find it by clicking on the arrow to the right of Up in the top of the screen.

You will see a list of all the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube and for download, simply click on the down arrow to see a side of Modify and select Download MP4.

Immediately start the download process and you can save your video in MP4 on your computer. The time it takes depends on the weight of the.

YouTube imposes certain limits for downloading videos: You can only download a video at a time and downloading videos is limited to two per 60 minutes, so if you went up a lot, it might take you a while back it.

Back up your videos:-

YouTube is a great site to upload and share your videos, but it’s always good to have them backed up elsewhere. The site rules are very strict and sometimes without knowing why, you find out that your video was deleted for violating service policies.

There are several ways to have a backup. In particular, I recommend them not only saved on the computer, but also in some other cloud service.

Dropbox is a good alternative, not only for offering free space, but also because it is very easy to upload the videos, even directly from the phone.

Google Drive is another option, although there would be trusting twice in the same company.

An alternative to consider is Mega that while it is a new service, is proven to work. Of course, being under the eyes of the authorities, there is always the possibility of ending our files kidnapped, as happened to the old Megaupload.

Do not have all your eggs in one basket and always have physical and virtual backups. While you think about it, take advantage of download videos to your computer.


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