Download “Network Link Conditioner” to Simulate Internet Connectivity Speed

If you are doing any form of development work, network administration, or anything that needs testing potential users web connectivity speeds, be it an iPhone app, usage of remote networks, or an internet website, “Network Link Conditioner” is extremely counseled, install it currently.

Download "Network Link Conditioner" to Simulate Internet Connectivity SpeedA new addition to Mac OS X Lion and Xcode 4.1 is a tool referred to as “Network Link Conditioner”, a highly customizable tool that enables you to simulate a spread of common web connectivity speeds. The utility is geared toward Mac and iOS developers in order that they will take a look at their apps response times on a spread of network conditions, however it’s additionally extraordinarily helpful for IT admins, network directors, and net developers.

    1. Download and install Xcode 4.1  (Download for OS X 10.7 users)
    2. when Xcode is installed, move to/Applications/Utilities/Network Link Conditioner/
    3. Double-click the “Network Link Conditioner.prefPane” to run the tool.

You can begin using the bandwidth simulator at once. Network Link Conditioner is fairly self explanatory, simply choose a bandwidth profile that you simply wish to simulate and click on the “ON” button to activate it immediately. The default options are:

[3G ,Cable Modem, DSL,Edge,Wifi ] Average Case, Good Connectivity, and Lossy Network.

Downlaod Network Link Conditioner to Simulate Internet Connectivity Speed

If you discover the present bandwidth profiles too limiting, click on the small lock icon within the lower left corner, and then onto the “Manage Profiles” button within the bottom right to make or edit a replacement profile. Here you’ll be able to set things like downlink and uplink bandwidth, up and down packets dropped, response delay, and even DNS delay.


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