Discover the Mysterious Office Full of Apple

Very few people have the opportunity inside the main building. Most visitors were stopped by guards, take them back to their path or guide to shopping for souvenirs.

The editor of Applegazette website has compiled from various sources and publish rare photographs of the work of senior officials or Jonathan Ive, who designed the iPhone, iPad …
Apple Office
Apple headquarters as seen from the outside.
When entering, visitors will encounter desk.
Corridor is where employees talk about work, is decorated like a miniature park.
Company Store, the only visitors are free to take pictures or choose souvenirs such as shirts and caps.
Libraries in the Company Store.
Austria, souvenir hat sizes.
Area “1 Infinite Loop” to allow only senior Apple employees go on.
The log of the late famous sentences CEO Steve Jobs is mounted on the corridor.
Continue deep inside, visitors will see black and white photos of Steve Jobs holding a MacBook computer.
When hungry, employees can go to Apple Cafeteria to eat.

They have to pay for selected food with reasonable prices.

When you want entertainment, Apple employees can go to the Rec Room.

Gym with modern equipment.

Meeting rooms of high-level officials.

Apple usually held important product launch in San Francisco.

However, for smaller events, the company will invite partners to Apple Town hall called Hall.

Test wireless reception room on the mobile products .

Health experts Jonathan Ive MacBook computer room design.

Steve Jobs was standing in the living room with designer Jonathan Ive.


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