Disaster Recovery as a Service on Windows Azure

Disaster Recovery as a Service on Windows Azure 1

Symantec’s solution will allow organizations of all sizes to recover critical applications and the data from the Windows Azure failure or destruction of the site. The solution extends the capability of existing business continuity solutions from Symantec for the company Microsoft Corp., Providing on-premise-to-cloud disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Fast and Affordable Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Organisations are increasingly seeking more protection and recovery options, taking into account the use of public cloud for disaster recovery protection. According to IDC analysis of the market for Business Continuity,

“Improvements in software replication, clustering and server virtualization have opened door to a more flexible approach to different architectural business continuity (BC). Given the need for increased business uptime and trust companies in IT … the role of public clouds in the Business Continuity market will clearly increase. ” 

As organizations face downtime due to disasters, failures of storage media, networking issues, outages maintenance or power outages, need an off-premise solution that provides quick recovery, keeping applications and data available to users. Flexible Protection for Critical Applications DRaaS is The Symantec solution to the Windows Azure platform than the current standard solutions cloud backup and recovery. 

The winning Storage Foundation High Availability and high availability and disaster recovery technology built into Veritas Volume Replicator allows organizations to not only protect their data and their applications. With this solution, IT organizations will benefit through the huge improvement in recovery time and recovery point for critical applications where an on-premise closure. Not only is the solution ensures replication of critical application data in real time but also provides coordination of recovery from lock to lock up the data from the entire application. The IT organizations can avoid the process of managing a DR site and benefit from the services they provide cloud platform Windows Azure.

Technology from the leading products of Symantec, Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows and Veritas Volume Replicator, is the basis for the new solution. With this announcement, Symantec continues to expand the interoperability of solutions availability and disaster recovery solutions with Microsoft, including Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server Hyper-V and now Windows Azure. More information on the new solution will be available at a later stage.

 ” The Windows Azure platform developed rapidly as a platform and have seen interest from our customers for use as part of a new model additional computing resources, “said Chris Ventouris , Technology Manager of Symantec Hellas. “With the technology of Symantec high availability and the cloud platform of Microsoft, organizations can be confident that their activities will continue to operate in a disaster or outage . “


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